Life’s Precious Gift: (H)appiness (2) (O)neness

If anyone has heard of Abraham Hicks and why Abraham is an entity of collective beings that states certain aspects of our lives and how to live (more on them in another post), it’s because they know what they are talking about. ┬áThis isn’t the best way to start out a post for people whom are skeptical about what they can only see being the measurable result of what science deems real because of the physical properties that are tangible but stick with me for a while. ┬áScience also deems solids and gases as properties that are proven to exist … Continue reading Life’s Precious Gift: (H)appiness (2) (O)neness

Unison of the Universal Love

If you think of it, religion is based on someone or something that existed that was real at one point in time or another. Whatever was real to the people of that time and culture to connect them to a feeling of a “higher being”, a “God”, “Source” or whatever you would deem it as. Most of the religions of the world have similarities teaching, faith, love, forgiveness and some stances of learning and treating others right with karmatic effects. Such as hell for being bad, reincarnation from past actions and reliving it in the next life, etc. If you … Continue reading Unison of the Universal Love