Life’s Precious Gift: (H)appiness (2) (O)neness

If anyone has heard of Abraham Hicks and why Abraham is an entity of collective beings that states certain aspects of our lives and how to live (more on them in another post), it’s because they know what they are talking about. ┬áThis isn’t the best way to start out a post for people whom are skeptical about what they can only see being the measurable result of what science deems real because of the physical properties that are tangible but stick with me for a while. ┬áScience also deems solids and gases as properties that are proven to exist … Continue reading Life’s Precious Gift: (H)appiness (2) (O)neness

How We’re Meant to Be

IF you really think about it, people’s minds are shaped by all the influences of their times and culture with everything playing a role. If we all stopped spending time on watching TV and bettering ourselves. Stopped thinking about what others are doing wrong or tolerating disrespect, learn to better our knowledge and wisdom, help others learn and grow. Making the norm to engage in learning and have activities like learning as down time, better would this world be. Continue reading How We’re Meant to Be

The Pretty Things

The only value that a material thing holds if it doesn’t meet the basic needs of human beings is the emotional validity that an individual gives it past the fact that the scarcity of it whether it be by price or because of others want it out of emotional urgency creating it as a coveted item which it turns raises the value only in price because of the emotional value set forth upon the material item by people. Instead of putting value where it is really needed in expasion of meeting the basic needs of all individuals across the span … Continue reading The Pretty Things