How We’re Meant to Be

IF you really think about it, people’s minds are shaped by all the influences of their times and culture with everything playing a role. If we all stopped spending time on watching TV and bettering ourselves. Stopped thinking about what others are doing wrong or tolerating disrespect, learn to better our knowledge and wisdom, help others learn and grow. Making the norm to engage in learning and have activities like learning as down time, better would this world be. Continue reading How We’re Meant to Be

Unison of the Universal Love

If you think of it, religion is based on someone or something that existed that was real at one point in time or another. Whatever was real to the people of that time and culture to connect them to a feeling of a “higher being”, a “God”, “Source” or whatever you would deem it as. Most of the religions of the world have similarities teaching, faith, love, forgiveness and some stances of learning and treating others right with karmatic effects. Such as hell for being bad, reincarnation from past actions and reliving it in the next life, etc. If you … Continue reading Unison of the Universal Love

The Pretty Things

The only value that a material thing holds if it doesn’t meet the basic needs of human beings is the emotional validity that an individual gives it past the fact that the scarcity of it whether it be by price or because of others want it out of emotional urgency creating it as a coveted item which it turns raises the value only in price because of the emotional value set forth upon the material item by people. Instead of putting value where it is really needed in expasion of meeting the basic needs of all individuals across the span … Continue reading The Pretty Things

The Way It…

It’s absolute INSANITY the way most people conduct and live their lives. For most, they don’t know so they are ignorant to the facts thus it’s not their fault. When someone knows and does something anyway, that’s stupidity. With that being stated, how can people whom create laws and justice follow the mindsets of the past when somethings change, like time, it’s consistent. The laws, ideals and institutions are created to fulfill and resolve issues and concerns for people¬†of that time and culture.¬† Today we take away educational grants, money from schools and programs that help enrich our children’s minds … Continue reading The Way It…

Vibrations of Ease

Don’t FIGHT problems or issues. That is adding negative energy and resistance, which creates bigger issues. Know and recognize the problem and figure out a solution that replaces the problems with a proven and workable solution so it can flow easily. Like peaceful protesting is STILL RESISTENCE. Find ways at the microlevel to put in place ways to change it without adding resistence to an issue. Continue reading Vibrations of Ease