Life’s Precious Gift: (H)appiness (2) (O)neness

If anyone has heard of Abraham Hicks and why Abraham is an entity of collective beings that states certain aspects of our lives and how to live (more on them in another post), it’s because they know what they are talking about.  This isn’t the best way to start out a post for people whom are skeptical about what they can only see being the measurable result of what science deems real because of the physical properties that are tangible but stick with me for a while.  Science also deems solids and gases as properties that are proven to exist in this world.

Abraham and Esther Hicks state that drinking water is one of the best things you can do.  Science and research state many different facts about water and how much you should drink.  The sad thing is that more than half of people that live in America drink and result to sugary juices and sodas that shouldn’t even be in existence and should be completely gotten rid of.  Water is the basis of all life and helps everything grow besides oxygen, food, sunlight, etc.  Water can solve a multitude of issues in the human body because of dehydration and constipation to relieving bloating and others.

If you ever heard of a study done by a Japanese Scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto, he studied water that was placed into jars and positive energy was sent into one and another was put into another jar that had negative energy sent to it.  It was crystalized and studied under a microscope and these snowflake looking properties of water became beautiful works of art for the ones that were exposed to positivity and showered with music and good words.  In the same study, the water that was exposed to negativity was shown to be disformed and not able to form beautiful specific patterns that resembled that of sacred geometry.

It is stated that our body is at a minimum made of about 50-70% of water and there is another study stating that everything in our universe and world is made of energy.  For a little background information, our physical human bodies are made of cells and cells are made of atoms; atoms are made of protons, neturons and electrons which are all electrical charges of energy.  Albert Einstein stated, “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed yet transfered and measured as heat and the absences of it is cold.”  One of the world’s most thought of geniuses, thought of as crazy of his time and day was proven to be one of the world’s smartest minds.  Even he knew what energy was and science proved this with time.

There was also other studies of water called “Cymatic Frequencies.”  This is the study of water when music is played and the patterns that the water makes when the music is playing, depending on the type of music the water is playing.  This shows the energetic properties that music and vibrations of frequencies have on water.  The patterns are developed in responses to the musical notes that are being played given any type of music.  In another post, I’ll talk about Solfeggio.

With that back story, I’ve come to the point (FINALLY!), if with all these studies that everything in our Universe is made of energy and that water is a property that energy can be utilized to effect, and that our bodies are 70% water; think of what our thoughts can do with that energy we out put into the world with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts (this is explained in another post and how this works) we send out positive or negative energy from our mind, hearts and bodies.  Whether we are aware of it or not, our minds start with our thoughts and feelings and that is in turn flowing through our bodies and used as a channel to transport those emotions and feelings that are generated through our body  as chemicals and hormones; which then take an effect on ourselves even if we meant for it to be towards someone else.  This is what it means that what we send out, we get back.

So drink water, be happy, stay happy, feel happy!


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