The Way It…

It’s absolute INSANITY the way most people conduct and live their lives. For most, they don’t know so they are ignorant to the facts thus it’s not their fault. When someone knows and does something anyway, that’s stupidity. With that being stated, how can people whom create laws and justice follow the mindsets of the past when somethings change, like time, it’s consistent. The laws, ideals and institutions are created to fulfill and resolve issues and concerns for people of that time and culture. 

Today we take away educational grants, money from schools and programs that help enrich our children’s minds and lives. Then we send them off into a world with no help for some. Some children are born into situations where the parents are beyond ignorant themselves. They grow up learning things and how to survive. Their early education is how not to trust and do what it means to survive. They then end up in an institution that was first utilized to their educational learnings in the first place.

Then most if they slip through the cracks of our “Justice System” they end up in an institution that further teaches survival and violence instead of re-educating them from what their first teachings were from. There is no such thing as our “Justice System.” It’s a compiled amount of sayings and laws that were impliemented and that can always be bent with the right sway of intellect, confidence and well spoken representative.

Getting to the root of the problem and prevention, with money, education, the justice system, medicine. Everything can be prevented and re-worked if people are willing to see what their actions are, understand where actions of others come from, and get off the hamster wheel that goes no where.


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