The New Way of Thinking

Vibing with positive frequencies for the day when the “American Dream” wil be known as the “World Norm” as a society of Utopia. Where we are more concerned about fulfilling our happiness with inner strength. Where we care for and take care of our sick, eldery, disabled and children. We use prevention medicine instead of Rx. Everyone’s basic needs are met and fulfilled. We put more value on people and experience than items or materials that will waste any in time anyway. We see the beauty of differences as things to be cherished and embraced. We don’t let our fellow people fall through emotional cracks alone. Art and Music are as important as and seen as high quality. 

When we concentrate on building with new ideals and principles from the root of the causes without hindering or fighting problems but replacing them with better options, people will act, think and be differently. When everyone’s basic needs are met, they will act, be and think differently. The problem isn’t with society, it’s with what we are okay with as individuals and turn a blind eye because of the belief nothing can be done.

A single person can cause a tremendous ripple effect to shape and touch the hearts and minds of other people. Which leads to a behavioral movement and change within each individual, put into daily practice with recogition of choice. Then becomes habit and mastry of norms to create a society that lives with the development of new ideals.


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