Rules of Engagement

There are many different types of intelligence. One of them is EQ which is emotional intelligence. Ignorance is not knowing something. When debating on view points and beliefs, the one thing that is needed is respect. Respect is the way you delegate and take turns in talking. You can agree to disagree on view points. And what is important is how your tone of voice is when talking. Don’t cut someone off when they are speaking, then interject your view point and demand they see it that way. That’s stupidity. When you grasp the concept that you must agree to disagree in respect to different view points, the world goes around better and the conversation can flow easier. Basically give respect to get it. Subject matter is important yet your method of delivery which includes speech, language, tone of voice, etc plays major parts in how someone will listen to you.

If you cut someone off in the middle of their sentence and demand and go on about how you view it and then expect them to listen, you’re in denial. No one will listen to your view point if you first don’t learn the rules of engagment and respect in proper conversation matter. Let people feel heard and respected and they are more apt to give you their undivided attention and respect. Don’t waste time or energy on ignorance. It is like arguing with a drunk person or a brick wall, a waste of your time. Subject matter isn’t as so much as importance as to the delivery method in which you make and utilize.


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